Who is Greg Neville?

Over the past twenty years Greg Neville has

Published three books on this science titled: "The True Cause And Cure Of Depression", "Our Emotional Links To Disease" and "Effective Counselling: What Are The Truth’s, What Works"• Established and operates the ‘Australian Psychosomatic Center’.

• Established the ‘Anti Depression Institute’ in Melbourne, Australia, with fellow colleague and researcher Dr. Roozbeh Malekzadeh.

• Hosted a weekly radio program.

• Educated and trained hundreds of therapists.

• Delivered thousands of lectures.

• Continued to grow the extraordinary number of success stories of people he has rescued from depression and the many other psychological illnesses

Greg Neville is a Natural therapist who has dedicated twenty years to clinically researching the intricate relationship between our psychological and physical well being. Within the process of isolating and documenting the psychological triggers to a vast range of common physical health condition, this mind/body exploration soon found the link between society’s increase in psychological stress and the increased incidence of Depression and other psychological illnesses.

What was to follow was the obvious need to investigate and isolate the true cause of people psychological stress, an investigation that wound its way through a very interesting and enlightening critic of society’s foundational philosophies, with the intention of finding an outcome that could resolve people’s psychological trauma.

Within the program Greg Neville enjoys displaying how people, after receiving a true education in the underlying cause of psychological stress, can then easily check the vast range of statements and claims being put forward by personal development/self-help/spiritual enlightenment programs and books and clearly see if such information is accurate and capable of remedying psychological stress, or alternatively is inaccurate and responsible for aggravating a person’s psychological well-being. It’s this education that enables a person to find the clarity that allows a true understand of life and a solid sense of self-esteem and appreciation to psychologically stand on.

For over 4 years Greg Neville travelled monthly to Fountain Head,  Australia's only Certified Organic Health Retreat where he conducted his original Related to Life program. The retreat’s location and the costs involved simply make it out of reach to most people. This was one of the primary factors in establishing DepressionRescue.com and making the Relating to Life program very affordable and available to the masses.

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